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An easy way to create a Snowflake connection and execute SQL commands in your Snowflake data warehouse .

Diagram of connections between Snowflake, Airflow and Redshift

As Data Engineers, we need to store extracted data somewhere, which includes delivery in different formats (CSV, JSON, Parquet among others) to stakeholders, for this reason, I was encouraged to write this…

Data extracting from multiple football leagues


Apache airflow is a great tool for orchestrating workflows and data processing pipelines that can be used in several cloud providers as GCP, AWS, and Azure among others more, but at this moment we will concern about how to deploy it on Docker as…


Nowadays is a must to automate everything and cloud jobs are not the exceptions, as Data Engineer We need to acquire the skill of move data wherever needed, if you want to know how to start facing AWS tools in your daily routine like a data professional, this post is…

Where should we lower off ordering out pricing to help the commerces?


Currently, real-time analysis plays a large role and is a symbol of competitiveness in the technological sector; With the arrival of digital platforms such as Netflix, Rappi, Uber among others, it is necessary to make faster decisions with the help of data, the analysis below seeks to answer business questions…

¿En que restaurantes se necesitan más Rappitenderos ?

Actualmente el análisis en tiempo real es de vital importancia y símbolo de competitividad en el sector tecnológico ; con la llegada de las plataformas digitales como Netflix,Rappi,Uber entre otras , es necesario tomar decisiones mas rápidas con ayuda de los datos , el siguiente análisis busca responder preguntas del…

Una perspectiva desde el Data Analysis

Imagen cortesía del Espectador

Antes de empezar dejemos claro algo : a pesar de que ya se están tomando medidas ambientales que van desde extensión de pico y placa ambiental hasta declaración de estado de alerta en algunas estaciones , no hay que olvidarnos que según la Organización…

Alexander Bolaño Cervantes

Data Engineer passionate for automating tasks , Big Data and cutting-edge Technologies

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